Lord's Acres Sasin's Norway 6*M

September 2001

                  September 2001
3-21-99 ~ Black

SS: ++*B GCH Sodium Oaks Royal Risk       

    SIRE: ++*B           Sodium Oaks Sasin                        

     SD:            GCH Sodium Oaks Kiwi Mallow  3*M 

       DS:                     Thistledew RH Snapdragon           

       DAM:             GCH Cobb's Hill TS Nettle 5*M                

       DD:                       Cobb's Hill QU'G Nuthatch  4*M 

2001 2-05 LA FS 89 (VE+E)

We are very excited about Norway. She is very striking. She has good general appearance. She has been competitive at the shows she has gone to placing towards the top of the class. She has freshened very similarly to her dam Nettle. She has a high wide rear udder with good extension to her fore udder. She has plum teat and just the right amount of definition. We are excited about she will develop into. Norway was first in her class many times as a yearling milker. She was Reserve Grand Champion as a yearling. She has been very competitive in her class this year. She has stood right behind her sister Nevada at most of the shows. 

Norway is bred to Ephraim Kane Reaper. She is due to kid February 18, 2003. 


GCH Lord's Acres Sasin's Nevada 6*M

September 2001

                  September 2001
3-21-99 ~ Black

SS:  ++*B  GCH Sodium Oaks Royal Risk

SIRE:  ++*B            Sodium Oaks Sasin           

           SD:             GCH Sodium Oaks Kiwi Mallow 3*M

      DS:                      Thistledew RH Snapdragon 

DAM:             GCH Cobb's Hill TS Nettle 5*M

             DD:                      Cobb's Hill Qu'G Nuthatch 4*M  

2001 2-05 LA FS 88 (VE+V)

Nevada is a very dairy doe. She is similar in style to her sister Norway. We are very excited about how Nevada freshened. She has an extremely high wide rear udder and lots of extension to her fore. She has a very defined udder with plum teats. Nevada is growing to be a large doe. She was very competitive during the 2000 show season. She has had an excellent show season during 2001. She was 1XBest of Breed, 3XGrand Champion, 1X Reserve GCH, and 8X 1st in her class. She was the Grand Champion Alpine at the 2001 Western Washington State Fair were she competed against 40 does. Nevada showed well during the 2002 show season. She was Grand Champion in the Distric VII Alpine specialty. She was also Best Doe in Show in that ring. In addition she was Grand Champion one more tiime and Reserve one other time. Nevada is still continuing to mature and we look forward to seeing her develop.

Nevada is bred to Abundance Conerto Revelation. She is due to kid April 5, 2003.


GCH Lord's Acres Aaron's Rhody 3*M

75% American Alpine


September 2001               

       September 2001
4-08-99  ~  Chamoisee with cream stomach

SS: +*B  Abundance Concerto Revelation

SIRE:   *B  Lord's Acres Revelation Aaron      

  SD:         Hill N Holler Aladdin Abigail 1*M

DS:         Hill N Holler Bo Black Avenger 

DAM:         Lord's Acres A Ruby Red 2*M    

  DD:         The Lord's Acres Rosemary 1*M

2001 2-05 LA FS 88 (VVVV)

Rhody has excellent general appearance. She is tall, level, and wide throughout. We are very excited about the progress we have seen through the generations. Rhody is a great improvement over her dam. She has a well attached rear udder and a well attached fore that is showing good extension. She has plum teats and is milking well. She also has excellent milk flavor. We are very excited about the improvement that has been made in this line. Rhody first in her class at every show she attended as a yearling and two year old. During 2001 Rhody was 2XGrand Champion and 3X Reserve Grand Champion. She was Grand Champion at the 2001 Western Washington State Fair. During 2002 Rhody was 1X Grand Champion, 1X Reserve Grand Champion and 2X 2nd in 2002. She finished her championship at the second show she attended last year. 

Rhody is bred to Sodium Oaks Port Salute. She is due to kid March 16, 2003.