Lord's Acres Revelation Aaron


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                        May 1998
3-7-98 ~ Light two tone chamoise
SS:    ++*B Serendipity's Design Concerto
SIRE:      +*B Abundance Concerto Revelation
SD:    GCH Abundance Brag's Magpie     
DS:              Hill N Holler Vision Aladdin  
   DAM:              Hill N Holler Aladdin Abigail 1*M
DD:              Hill N Holler Value Anemone 
1999   LA  FS  78  (A++) 

Aaron is very smoothly blended in the shoulder region. He is very level over the topline. He won Jr. Champion buck in an AOP class at the only two shows he has attended. He appraised with an excellent in rear legs and very good in head, back and rump. Aarons first daughters are very growthy and have good general appearance. His Alpine daughter placed 4th in a very large class of does and his 75% alpine daughter also placed 4th in a very large class of does, both at the Western Washington State Fair. We are looking forward to freshening his daughters next year.


Lord's Acres Vincent's Artic


3-17-99 ~ two tone Chamoise

SS: +*B Abundance Danish Classic   

  SIRE:   *B Maple Glen Classic's Vincent     

     SD:        Maple Glen Emma 5*M             

     DS:         Hill N Holler Vision Aladdin      

     DAM:         Hill N Holler Aladdin Abigail 1*M

     DD:         Hill N Holler Value Anemone     

Artic is a very stylish buck. He is tall and upstanding. He has a good shoulder set and is level throughout. We are excited about seeing some of his first kids this year. His first kids are do in March.


Waiilatpu Tanners Walker


5-20-99 ~ Two Tone Chamoise
SS:          Hoach's QAAG LaSabre
     SIRE:          Waiilaptu HLS Tanner              
           SD: GCH Waiilaptu Jim Tapestry              
       DS:            Willow Run Armand Lotherio
                 DAM:           Waiilatpu WRAL Anastasia                  
         DD:            Waiilatpu Cowboy's Amythest 
Walker is the newest addition to our Alpine herd. We are very excited to have been able to obtain him. He is a very wide, tall and long buck. He has alot of strength to him and when he gets older he should be a very powerful buck. His maternal granddam was the first place three year old with the best udder of breed at the 1999 nationals. We are excited about using him on some of our Alpines this year. His first kids are due in March.