Hill N Holler Aladdin Abigail 1*M


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                               June 1999     
4-30-95 ~ Cou Blanc
SS:    *B Hill N Holler NO Visionary
SIRE:          Hill N Holler Vision Aladdin  
SD:          Hill N Holler Jazzy Amata 
DS:    *B Hill N Holler Top Value   
DAM:          Hill N Holler Value Anemone
DD:          Hill N Holler NR Annetenni
1999   LA  FS 88  (+EEE)

Abigail is a very nice purebred doe. She is very level over the topline. She apraised with an excellent in back and rump. She has a well balanced udder that has good extention to her fore udder and a nicely attached rear udder with plum teats. Abigail's line is a bit slower to mature and she will probably not reach her prime until she is an aged doe. She won her first leg as a first freshening two year old. Abigail placed 17th at the 1999 national show out 24 does.

Abigail is bred to Sodium Oaks Sasin. She is due to kid in March.


GCH Cobb's Hill TS Nettle 5*M


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                               September 1999  September 1999

4-13-96 ~ Cou Blanc

SS:       +B Thistledew Rallye's Harley
SIRE:              Thistledew RH Snapdragon  
     SD:              Thistledew Goodliness' Aireal
   DS:       +*B Qu'Appelle Bravo Goshawk
DAM:              Cobb's Hill Qu'G Nuthatch 
DD:     GCH The Cobbs Hill Nani 3*M
1999   LA  FS 85  (AEVE)

Nettle is our first American Alpine. She appraised excellent in back and rump.She has a very level topline and rump. She has a well attached udder that is showing good extension to her fore udder and a high wide rear udder. She has showed very well placing at the top of her class. She won her first leg in 1998 as a two year old. This year she has finished her championship at the first show she attended. She won Grand twice, reserve twice and was BOB once. We were very dissapointed that Nettles poisoned herself the day before appraisel. She was still not feeling herself that day and did not look to her full potential. Nettles placed 8th at the 1999 national show out of 44 does. 

Nettle is bred to Sodium Oaks Royal Risk. She is due to kid in April.