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wpe30.jpg (2745 bytes) Lord's Acres Farm is located in beautiful Tenino, WA.  Tenino is located about 30 miles from Olympia, our states capitol. We raise Toggenburgs, Alpines and . We have 22 toggs, 5 alpines, 4 recorded grades. We also have four toggs and 3 alpine bucks.

We started showing our goats in 1994. We originally started with one toggenburg and one recorded grade. We have grown a bit since then. 

We practice CAE prevention for all of our animals. The kids are all fed pasteurized milk and heat treated colostrum. All kids and does are routinely vaccinated and are on a regular worming schedule. 

We participated in the DHIA program for 4 year. We were unable to participate in the program last year, but we will be going back on test this year. We have participated in the Linear Appraisal program for four years. We have used the Linear Appraisal as a tool in our breeding program and to help us improve the quality of our herd. 

We had a limited show schedule in 1999, due to work schedule and the National show. We attended 2 weekend shows and we attended our first National show in Sacramento, California. We are very very happy that all of our does made the cut. Sugar Plum was the 1st place, 2nd udder four year old at Nationals. Pansy, Sugar Plum and Sable made up our first place Produce of Dam at Nationals. In 1997 we were happy to finish our first toggenburg doe Sugar plum as a two year old. This year we finished our Togg doe Pansy and Alpine Nettles. Our does were 1XJGCH, 2JRGCH, 5XGCH, 4XRGCH and 3XBOB in the 1999 show season.

In the fall we carefully select a buck, for each of our does, that we feel will improve any weaknesses. We use extended pedigrees, Linear Appraisal and DHIA records to select the right buck for each doe. We have been fortunate to have good success with A.I. We started with the A.I. about three year ago.It has opened up many new doors in our breeding program and we have been able to bring in alot of outside lines we couldn't have had otherwise. 

If you need more information on any of the does or any other questions feel free to let us know. 

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