Bar-D-Co. Pace's Enforcer

3-21-97 ~ Dark brown with correct white markings; Wattles

     SS:                 Salton Jupiter Mt. Doug Damien  

SIRE:     +B       Southern Cross SJD Pacesetter  

 SD:                 Silveron D SCJ Sylvia             
DS: +*B GCH Southern Cross CV Darksides
DAM:            CH Windstar Encore                        
        DD:        GCH Southern Cross Venture's Finis 6*M
1999 LA FS 83 (AEE)
Enforcer is a very growthy buck. He is still maturing and looks better every year. He appraised with an excellent in head, body and dairy character and very good in front legs. The first kids appeared to have good general appearance. We have not kept daughters out of him yet. We are excited about having some daughters out of him this year.


*B Powder Horn Marquetry Medford

3-04-00 ~ Medium brown with correct white markings; Wattles
  SS:   ++*B       Dionysius Carmela's San Martin
SIRE: +*B GCH Canyon View Mary's Maestro      
             SD:        GCH Canyon View Mary In The Morning 4*M
DS: +*B         Sunshine Carly Chance               
       DAM:        GCH Powder Horn Marquetry SCC 7*M       
  DD:       GCH Canyon View Regal Marque 6*M
Medford is a very tall and long bodied buck. He has a very nice shoulder set, feet and legs and he is very level over the topline and rump. We are very excited to see his daughters this year.