GCH Lord's Acres FT Sable  5*M


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August 2000

                    August 2000

3-16-96 ~ Medium brown with correct white markings; wattles
SS:   +B   Mount Douglas Principle Suite
SIRE:   *B     Bar-D-Co. MDPS Final Tribute 
           SD:  GCH Southern Cross Premier Finesse 5*M
DS:            Southern Cross Don Juan      
        DAM:           Mystery Meadows DJ Sweet Pea 4*M
   DD:  GCH Southern Cross EX Electra 3*M
2000  LA 4-04  FS 88 (VVEV)

Sable is a very level doe. She appraised with an excellent in rump and very good in head and back. She has a very nice udder. She has very good extension to her fore udder and a very high wide rear udder. She won her first leg in the 1998 show season and was second in the champion challenge class to her maternal sister. Sable now has two legs. She placed 10th at the 1999 national show out of 25 does. At her first show of the season Sable won 2X1st and 1X Grand Champion making her now finished.

Sable was bred to Southern Cross Venture's Arrow. She kidded in March with two does. We donated one of Sable's does to the South West Washington Dairy Goat Association raffle. Don't forget to check our raffle page out.