GCH Lord's Acres Tributes Sapphire

2000 All American Two Year Old

1999 Reserve All American Yearling Milker 

                          July 2000          July 2000
3-03-98 ~ Medium brown with correct white markings; wattles

  SS:            *B   Bar-D-Co. MDPS Final Tribute

   SIRE:            +B  Mount Douglas Principle Suite     

            SD:          GCH Southern Cross Premier Finesse 5*M

DS:  +*B GCH Southern Cross EX Fontana

         DAM:         GCH  Lord's Acres SCEF Sugar Plum 5*M

             DD:                  Mystery Meadows DJ Sweet Pea 4*M

2001 LA 3-05 FS 91 (EEEE)        

Sapphire freshened in March. Her rear udder is higher and wider than her dams. Her fore udder shows great extension. She has excellent  general appearance. She has kept her dams good traits and we have seen alot of improvement in all areas. She appraised excellent in head, shoulder assembly, front legs, rear legs, feet, back, and rump. She has been very competitive in her class so far this year. Sapphire was the third place yearling at the 1999 national show. She was the first place yearling at the Western Washington State Fair. She was Grand Champion and Best of Breed at the 2000 Western Washington State Fair. Sapphire finished her championship as a two year old. She has been 5X GCH, 1XRGCH, 3XBOB and 3X Best doe in show. This year Sapphire has been 2 times Best Of Breed and 2 times Best Doe in Show. 

Sapphire is bred to Powder Horn Marquetry Medford. She is due to kid March 15, 2003. 


Lord's Acres WNPF Peppermint ~AI

wpe29.jpg (30203 bytes) wpe2B.jpg (11140 bytes)

September 1999

          September 1999
3-04-98 ~ Medium brown with correct white markings; wattles

SS:  ++B GCH Mount Douglas Key Principle

SIRE:  +*B           Whisper'N'Pines MDKP Fenix 

  SD:           GCH Whisper'N'Pines Francine 2*M

DS:    *B             Bar-D-Co. AAT Dynamite    

   DAM:             GCH Mystery Meadows LL Pansy 5*M

            DD:                    Mystery Meadows DJ Sweet Pea 4*M

2001   LA  FS  90  (EEVE)    

Peppermint was an AI baby. We are very pleased with the improvement that Fenix made in Pansy. Peppermint has a higher rear udder than her dam and a better medial. She has a smoothly blended fore udder that has very good extension. She has excellent general appearance. She is a very large doe that is finally starting to come into her own. She appraised with an excellent in shoulder assembly, rear legs, back and rump. Peppermint placed 14th out of 34 yearling milking does at the 1999 national show. She has not been shown much in her lifetime, but during the 2001 show season she was 1X 1st and 1X Grand Champion. With that win she earned her first leg.

Peppermint is bred to Nimrodel Yakki's Yurok. She is due to kid April 5, 2003.